Currently the Corona VirusDATE:2020-05-28     Hot:20
Currently the Corona Virus spreading in the worldwide, and in China we’re in this epidemic more than three months.
in this tough period, if you need face mask for your daily work, you can let us know, we can provide mass quantity.
In the meantime, we hope share some prevetive messure to you, for avoid the Corona Virus:
1. when you take the express package, please wear the mask and glove to protect yourself;
   before you open the package, please disinfect the package, then throw the box immediately;
2. when you push the elevator button, please use a ball-point pen to instead of your finger;
3. when you need to touch the doorknob or car handle and etc, please use tissue to wrap it;
4. please use no-wash 75% Alcohol hand sanitizer, put it in car, work table, use it a lot;
5. use the 75% alcohol product to clean the surfaces, such like bag, shoe, door, etc;
6. trying don’t go to the crowded place, don’t go to the gathering activity, etc;
7. when you go outside, especially the places that has a lot of people, please wear the mouth mask;
   wash hands a lot, especially after you touch public objects; open the windows a lot;
8. when you sneeze, please don’t use the hand to muffle mouth, use the tissue, then throw it;
9. when use mouth mask to protect nose & mouth, trying to wear the glasses in the meantime;
10. trying to avoid the body contact, trying reduce the shaking hands in daily etiquette;
11. when you go outside, trying to drive car, to instead of the public transportation;
12. avoid have meal in public place, trying to choose the less people place;
13. ample sleep, nutrition, activity, take exercise a lot, drink water a lot;
14. use javel water to clean house, disinfect clothes, mobile every day;
15. don’t touch or eat wild animals, don’t eat the uncooked food;
We hope everyone are in good health in the special year 2020, hope everything goes well.