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What good is it tin packaging? This problem plaguing many prescription packaging designers. Here I will give readers an objective point of view of dialectical elaborate tin, tin packaging situation.
Tin manufacturing industry is not really what high-tech industries. The earliest use of tin can be traced to the period of the Napoleonic conquests in Europe. Pre-processes are relatively rough, especially the printing industry can not keep up a certain extent, has seriously hampered the canning industry. China's four great inventions of ancient printing industry in there, but now we are actually printing effect is far behind Japan Japan, reasons which do not want to talk about it.
Tin low manufacturing cost, which is a more prominent benefits. With increased automation, I believe there will be a reduction in the cost of space.
Tin packaging environmentally friendly. Iron used can be recycled again after use, so as not to cause a lot of waste exist.
Tin packaging for easy storage. Tin Because of its unique physical properties allow a strong ability against external invasion loss, which is now a trend packaging industry.