The artistic sense of Tin CansDATE:2016-12-23     Hot:123

Speaking of tin cans we immediately think of the market that an array of large supermarket shelves, the shape of a variety of food, alcohol, and other packaging tin. Cans tin films mainly as raw materials Horse of the iron to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, for the superior quality because of its soft iron horse and flexible, easy to create different art forms. General horse iron packaged goods to high-end market in mind, the world's major consumer packaged iron horse market in Europe and the United States. Ma tin is mainly used for food packaging, the other is used for wine, chocolate and tea packaging, followed by food and gift market to very large, because such products require sealed packaging tin horse.

Metal can packaging requirements in the production quality is very high, it must meet the safety standards of the United States Food Administration. Also go through (N71) test, which is an international toy industry safety standards, even if the child put into the mouth of tin horse no harm. Direct contact with the container in terms of food, tea, milk, coffee is directly put into the horse inside the tin. Thus, food hygiene and safety of its more demanding. In addition, is a horse designed tin packaging of artistic forms and designs, from the cognitive starting for product design, product packaging for different specific artistic process, from the tin box shape design, the flat pattern design and printing process with the perfect combination to create a distinctive, Meilen U.S. for a tin box.