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Tin, also known as tin plates, is made of tin-plated steel sheet substrate. Low carbon steel sheet as the substrate material, its thickness is 0.1 ~ 0.4mm.

Tin: Zn, Fe alloy (Zn is the coating)

Tinplate is a thin sheet of known tin plating, the English abbreviation for the SPTE, refers to the sides of commercial pure tin-plated cold-rolled low carbon steel sheet or strip, also known as tin-plated iron. Tin to prevent corrosion and rust from the main role. It's strength and formability of steel with the corrosion resistance of tin, tin solder and attractive appearance combined with being in a material with a corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, high strength, good ductility properties.

In the acidic environment, protective layer of tin tin direct contacts with the outside world, due to corrosion of tin is very slow and play a protective effect on the substrate. If the protective layer of tin have pinholes, cracks and other defects, it will make some of the base is exposed, leading to corrosion of the substrate quickly.

Tin is plated with a layer of tin metal, it is not easy rust, also known as tin-plated iron. Tinplate first produced in Bohemia (now the Czech Republic and Slovakia). Since ancient times, the land of metal-rich, advanced technology, and know how to use water in machine building, from the 14th century began to produce tin plate. A long period of time, this has been the world's major tin producing. Was mainly used for manufacture of tin utensils and drinking with.