Usher in new opportunities for metal packagingDATE:2016-12-23     Hot:107
Plasticizer storm, upset not only plasticizer industry, this event caused an uproar from the beverage industry, but also affect the cooking oil and other necessities because of plasticizing agent may be accompanied by food, edible oil and other deep body.

Insiders pointed out that iron packaging is to solve the problem the best way plasticizer, without additives and recyclable. It is reported that Japan, South Korea, the United States, Europe and other countries in the edible oil and other food packaging on the early use of iron.

Reporters saw at the supermarket, imported edible oil is basically the use of glass containers, or metal containers, while the domestic edible oil is basically the use of plastic packaging. An operating iron cans enterprises responsible person said, the main problem is the price, a 20L drums of cooking oil, iron packaging cost is 20 yuan, while the plastic is only 2-4 yuan. Currently China iron packaging businesses do 90% of all exports, accounting for China metal packaging packaging industry output value of 10%, mainly for food, canned food, beverages, oil, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, stationery and cosmetics industries. Plasticizing agent after the incident, the domestic tin sales increased significantly.

It is understood that metal packaging in China had experienced a "melee", a large number of enterprises disorderly competition to create an artificial market turmoil and losses, U.S. Boer Group three cans full withdrawal from the Chinese market, led to the current China plastic and paper packaging or mostly . Insiders said that in Western Europe every million tons of iron metal packaging supplies create benefits was 3.2 billion, while China is only 190 million yuan. In the case of raw material prices continued use of inefficient caused serious waste of resources.

All this needs to play a role in the market mechanism, the metal packaging industry concentration is not high, nor the formation of scale, which gives the industry consolidator has created opportunities, once the market demand is excited to bring the whole industry developed rapidly. Plasticizer incident is a primer.